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Nandrolone Decanoate – classified as anabolic (he lower androgenic activity than testosterone and is very weak, even if you apply large doses), in small quantities in every human body, nandrolone is dissolved in the oil is connected via the 17-beta hydroxyl group decanoate ether (19-nortestosterone) its half-life in the body about 7 to 10 days (complete period of work 15-16 days), chemical formula C10H20O2. Esterified steroids are not as polar as free steroids, they are not so quickly absorbed from the injection site. The air when entering into the circulatory system and is cleaved in the blood is free of nandrolone. Develop esterified steroids was the extension of therapeutic effect after injection, the opportunity to make injections less frequently, when compared with injections of free steroids. Decanoate ether promotes the slow release of nandrolone from the site of injection, within three weeks. By its structure nandrolon is similar to testosterone but without the carbon atom in the 19th position. Also, like testosterone, nandrolone is a relatively strong anabolic properties, but unlike testosterone, and its effect on the body is not androgenic. The bulk of nandrolone in the body turns into weaker dihydroindole.

Nandrolone Decanoate is considered synthetic derivatives of testosterone, anabolic product of prolonged action (depot preparation). It has a stimulating effect on protein synthesis in the body, causes a delay of nitrogen, calcium, sodium, potassium, chloride and phosphorus, and this leads to increased muscle mass and accelerated bone growth (in therapeutic doses), in this regard, in boys and teenagers, it is used in the treatment of growth, water retention in the body. He has a low androgenic activity.

To achieve the anabolic effect are used for medical purposes dosage of 50-100mg, once in 3-4 weeks. In the sports purposes, this dosage is increased to 200-600mg per 7 days, a course length of 8-12. This level is enough for most people to have a noticeable gain in muscle mass and strength. Nandrolone Decanoate is not able to build mass quickly. Often the drug is combined with other to expand the effect. The combination of 200-400mg of nandrolone per week and 10-20mg per day of stanozolol can improve the appearance. Add halotestin or trenbolone will increase the hardness and density of the muscles. There is also the classic combination of methandrostenolone (15 to 25 mg per day) and nandrolone (200-400mg per week), for a long time was used by the athletes. Combined with oxymetholone or testosterone will not a small weight gain, but will cause greater water retention.

Nandrolone Decanoate has a low ability to converted into estrogen, approximately 20% of the rate of aromatization of testosterone. The reason for this is the fact that the liver can convert nandrolone to estradiol, in other tissues nandrolone decanoate less open to this process. From this it follows that estrogenic side effects are less than with testosterone. If you use the drug in high dosages, can begin to show such side effects as water retention, and growth fat and gynecomastia. Anti-estrogen, for example, mesterolone can be used to mitigate these side effects, if any. You can also alternately use an aromatase inhibitor for example, arimidex (anastrozolo), but this is an expensive option, which also may adversely affect the level of lipids in the blood. It should be noted that nandrolone is some prolactinoma activity. Progesterone – C19 – containing steroid, however, removal of this group makes the hormone (19-norprogesterone) is closer to the receptor. Many 19-nor anabolic steroids are shown progestinum activity. The progesterone side effects of progesterone with estrogen close. Progestins help to increase the stimulating effect of estrogen on growth of breast tissue (it is important the use of antiprogestins with high doses of nandrolone, the best of them acts as cabergoline, trade names – Bergolak, Agellates, Dostinex, to consume 500 mcg two times a 7 days).


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Увы, в глубине души мы отказываемся в это верить. Словно нас с раннего детства одолевает непреодолимое стремление перегружать себя информацией – независимо от того, помогает нам это или мешает. Понятие «информационная перегрузка» сегодня стало клише. Информация поступает к нам непрерывно – с малюсеньких телеэкранов на заднем сиденье такси, с огромных телеэкранов в торговых центрах, из информационных сообщений, непрерывным потоком поступающих в ящики нашей электронной почты. Мы все постоянно жаждем информации, но, пожалуй, нигде она не ценится так, как на ипподроме.

Она также часто принимает участие в передачах специализированной конноспортивной телевизионной сети TVG, которую смотрят миллионы американских семей. Работа Джилл – советовать людям, на какую лошадь имеет смысл делать ставки. Как фондовые аналитики и другие специалисты, зарабатывающие на жизнь прогнозами, Джилл Бирн довольно часто ошибается. И все же ее показатель успешности на скачках составляет 32 процента – до 50 процентов, конечно, не дотягивает, но по стандартам конных скачек это очень неплохой результат.

Джилл считает, что ее успех был заложен в раннем детстве. Вся ее жизнь вращалась вокруг лошадей. Двух лет от роду девочка впервые села на лошадь на семейной конной ферме. В семь лет вместе с сестрой работала на конюшне. А когда ей было двенадцать, отец Джилл, тренер лошадей, посадил дочку на скаковую лошадь. Когда девушка училась на последнем курсе колледжа, ее родители развелись. Джилл бросила учебу и переехала в Нью-Йорк, где работал отец, который большую часть времени проводил на скачках. «В те времена, – вспоминает сустанон она, – это занятие считалось невероятно гламурным».

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David Crockett hastened to Winchester. There was a large gathering there from all the hamlets and cabins for many miles around. The excitement was intense. The nation of Creek Indians was a very powerful one, and in intelligence and military skill far in advance of most of the Indian tribes. Mr. Crockett was one of the first to volunteer to form a company to serve for sixty days, under Captain Jones, who subsequently was a member of Congress from Tennessee. In a week the whole company was organized, and commenced its march to join others for the invasion of the Creek country. It was thought that by carrying the war directly into the Indian towns, their warriors might be detained at home to protect their wives and children, and could thus be prevented from carrying desolation into the settlements of the whites.

In the mean time David Crockett revisited his humble home, where his good but anxious and afflicted wife fitted him out as well as she could for the campaign. David was not a man of sentiment and was never disposed to contemplate the possibility of failure in any of his plans. With a light heart he bade adieu to his wife and his children, and mounting his horse, set out for his two months’ absence to hunt up and shoot the Indians. He took only the amount of clothing he wore, as he wished to be entirely unencumbered when he should meet the sinewy and athletic foe on the battle-field.

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Cleopatra, in parting with Antony as described in the last chapter, lost him for two or three years. During this time Antony himself was involved in a great variety of difficulties and dangers, and passed through many eventful scenes, which, however, can not here be described in detail. His life, during this period, was full of vicissitude and excitement, and was spent probably in alternations of remorse for the past and anxiety for the future. On landing at Tyre, he was at first extremely perplexed whether to go to Asia Minor or to Rome. His presence was imperiously demanded in both places. The war which Fulvia had fomented was caused, in part, by the rivalry of Octavius, and the collision of his interests with those of her husband. Antony was very angry with her for having managed his affairs in such a way as to bring about a war. After a time Antony and Fulvia met at Athens. Fulvia had retreated to that city, and was very seriously sick there, either from bodily disease, or from the influence of long-continued anxiety, vexation, and distress. They had a stormy meeting. Neither party was disposed to exercise any mercy toward the other. Antony left his wife rudely and roughly, after loading her with reproaches. A short time afterward, she sank down in sorrow to the grave.

The death of Fulvia was an event which proved to be of advantage to Antony. It opened the way to a reconciliation between him and Octavius. Fulvia had been extremely active in opposing Octavius’s designs, and in organizing plans for resisting him. He felt, therefore, a special hostility against her, and, through her, against Antony. Now, however, that she was dead, the way seemed to be in some sense opened for a reconciliation.

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The principal King’s Bench corridor in the Law Courts, like the other main corridors, is a place of strange meetings and interviews. A man may receive there a bit of news that will change the whole of the rest of his life, or he may receive only an invitation to a mediocre lunch in the restaurant underneath; he never knows beforehand. Priam assuredly did not receive an invitation to lunch. He was traversing the crowded thoroughfares–for with the exception of match and toothpick sellers the corridor has the characteristics of a Strand pavement in the forenoon– when he caught sight of Mr. Oxford talking to a woman. Now, he had exchanged no word with Mr. Oxford since the historic scene in the club, and he was determined to exchange no word; however, they had not gone through the formality of an open breach. The most prudent thing to do, therefore, was to turn and take another corridor. And Priam would have fled, being capable of astonishing prudence when prudence meant the avoidance of unpleasant encounters; but, just as he was turning, the woman in conversation with Mr. Oxford saw him, and stepped towards him with the rapidity of thought, holding forth her hand. She was tall, thin, and stiffly distinguished in the brusque, Dutch-doll motions of her limbs. Her coat and skirt were quite presentable; but her feet were large (not her fault, of course, though one is apt to treat large feet as a crime), and her feathered hat was even larger. She hid her age behind a veil.

It was all just as if there had been no past; the past seemed to have been swallowed up in the ordinariness of the crowded corridor. By all the rules for the guidance of human conduct, Lady Sophia ought to have denounced Priam with outstretched dramatic finger to the contempt of the world as a philanderer with the hearts of trusting women; and he ought to have kicked Mr. Oxford along the corridor for a scheming Hebrew. But they merely shook hands and asked each other how they did, not even expecting an answer. This shows to what extent the ancient qualities of the race have deteriorated.

He had made love to this woman. He had kissed her. They had promised to marry each other. It was a piece of wild folly on his part; but, in the eyes of an impartial person, folly could not excuse his desertion of her, his flight from her intellectual charms. His gaze pierced her veil. No, she was not quite so old as Alice. She was not more plain than Alice. She certainly knew more than Alice. She could talk about pictures without sticking a knife into his soul and turning it in the wound. She was better dressed than Alice. And her behaviour on the present occasion, candid, kind, correct, could not have been surpassed by Alice. And yet… Her demeanour was without question prodigiously splendid in its ignoring of all that she had gone through. And yet… Even in that moment of complicated misery he had enough strength to hate her because he had been fool enough to make love to her. No excuse whatever for him, of course!

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How did I know!” she cried. “Well, I like that! Look anywhere! It’s all over London, has been these six hours.” She pointed to a ragged man who was wearing an orange-coloured placard by way of apron. On the placard was printed in large black letters: “Sudden death of Priam Farll in London. Special Memoir.” Other ragged men, also wearing aprons, but of different colours, similarly proclaimed by their attire that Priam Farll was dead. And people crowding out of St. George’s Hall were continually buying newspapers from these middlemen of tidings.

He blushed. It was singular that he could have walked even half-an-hour in Central London without noticing that his own name flew in the summer breeze of every street. But so it had been. He was that sort of man. Now he understood how Duncan Farll had descended upon Selwood Terrace.

I don’t hold with mourning myself,” she proceeded. “They say it’s to show respect. But it seems to me that if you can’t show your respect without a pair of black gloves that the dye’s always coming off… I don’t know what you think, but I never did hold with mourning. It’s grumbling against Providence, too! Not but what I think there’s a good deal too much talk about Providence. I don’t know what you think, but—-

And she smiled also, gazing at him half confidentially. She was a little woman, stoutish–indeed, stout; puffy red cheeks; a too remarkable white cotton blouse; and a crimson skirt that hung unevenly; grey cotton gloves; a green sunshade; on the top of all this the black hat with red roses. The photograph in Leek’s pocket-book must have been taken in the past. She looked quite forty-five, whereas the photograph indicated thirty-nine and a fraction. He gazed down at her protectively, with a good-natured appreciative condescension.

Never in his life had he conversed on such terms with such a person as Mrs. Alice Challice. She was in every way a novelty for him–in clothes, ge pharma manners, accent, deportment, outlook on the world and on paint. He had heard and read of such beings as Mrs. Alice Challice, and now he was in direct contact with one of them. The whole affair struck him as excessively odd, as a mad escapade on his part. Wisdom in him deemed it ridiculous to prolong the encounter, but shy folly could not break loose. Moreover she possessed the charm of her novelty; and there was that in her which challenged the male in him.

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The trooper starts up, clasps his mother round the neck, and falls down on his knees before her. Whether in a late repentance, whether in the first association that comes back upon him, he puts his hands together as a child does when it says its prayers, and raising them towards her breast, bows down his head, and cries.

“My George, my dearest son! Always my favourite, and my favourite still, where have you been these cruel years and years? Grown such a man too, grown such a fine strong man. Grown so like what I knew he must be, if it pleased God he was alive!”

She can ask, and he can answer, nothing connected for a time. All that time the old girl, turned away, leans one arm against the whitened wall, leans her honest forehead upon it, wipes her eyes with her serviceable grey cloak, and quite enjoys herself like the best of old girls as she is.

“Mother,” says the trooper when they are more composed, “forgive me first of all, for I know my need of it.”

Forgive him! She does it with all her heart and soul. She always has done it. She tells him how she has had it written in her will, these many years, that he was her beloved son George. She has never believed any ill of him, never. If she had died without this happiness–and she is an old woman now and can’t look to live very long–she would have blessed him with her last breath, if she had had her senses, as her beloved son George.

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“Mother, I have been an undutiful trouble to you, and I have my reward; but of late years I have had a kind of glimmering of a purpose in me too. When I left home I didn’t care much, mother–I am afraid not a great deal–for leaving; and went away and ‘listed, harum-scarum, making believe to think that I cared for nobody, no not I, and that nobody cared for me.”

The trooper has dried his eyes and put away his handkerchief, but there is an extraordinary contrast between his habitual manner of expressing himself and carrying himself and the softened tone in which he speaks, interrupted occasionally by a half-stifled sob.

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Otherwise mildly studious in his observation of human nature, on the whole a benignant philosopher not disposed to be severe upon the follies of mankind, Mr. Bucket pervades a vast number of houses and strolls about an infinity of streets, to outward appearance rather languishing for want of an object. He is in the friendliest condition towards his species and will drink with most of them. He is free with his money, affable in his manners, innocent in his conversation–but through the placid stream of his life there glides an under-current of forefinger.

Time and place cannot bind Mr. Bucket. Like man in the abstract, he is here to-day and gone to-morrow–but, very unlike man indeed, he is here again the next day. This evening he will be casually looking into the iron extinguishers at the door of Sir Leicester Dedlock’s house in town; and to-morrow morning he will be walking on the leads at Chesney Wold, where erst the old man walked whose ghost is propitiated with a hundred guineas. Drawers, desks, pockets, all things belonging to him, Mr. Bucket examines. A few hours afterwards, he and the Roman will be alone together comparing forefingers.

It is likely that these occupations are irreconcilable with home enjoyment, but it is certain that Mr. Bucket at present does not go home. Though in general he highly appreciates the society of Mrs. Bucket–a lady of a natural detective genius, which if it had been improved by professional exercise, might have done great things, but which has paused at the level of a clever amateur–he holds himself aloof from that dear solace. Mrs. Bucket is dependent on their lodger (fortunately an amiable lady in whom she takes an interest) for companionship and conversation.

A great crowd assembles in Lincoln’s Inn Fields on the day of the funeral. Sir Leicester Dedlock cartier ballon bleu watch attends the ceremony in person; strictly speaking, there are only three other human followers, that is to say, Lord Doodle, William Buffy, and the debilitated cousin (thrown in as a make-weight), but the amount of inconsolable carriages is immense. The peerage contributes more four-wheeled affliction than has ever been seen in that neighbourhood. Such is the assemblage of armorial bearings on coach panels that the Herald’s College might be supposed to have lost its father and mother at a blow. The Duke of Foodle sends a splendid pile of dust and ashes, with silver wheel-boxes, patent axles, all the last improvements, and three bereaved worms, six feet high, holding on behind, in a bunch of woe. All the state coachmen in London seem plunged into mourning; and if that dead old man of the rusty garb be not beyond a taste in horseflesh (which appears impossible), it must be highly gratified this day.

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Yes, and her manner was strange when she took her shoes off and showed that cool relish for a walk that might have ended in her death-bed,” said my guardian. “It would be useless self-distress and torment to reckon up such chances and possibilities. There are very few harmless circumstances that would not seem full of perilous meaning, so considered. Be hopeful, little woman. You can be nothing better than yourself; be that, through this knowledge, as you were before you had it. It is the best you can do for everybody’s sake. I, sharing the secret with you–

I thanked him with my whole heart. What could I ever do but thank him! I was going out at the door when he asked me to stay a moment. Quickly turning round, I saw that same expression on his face again; and all at once, I don’t know how, it flashed upon me as a new and far-off possibility that I understood it.

He took it in his, holding me lightly with his arm, and looking down into my face with the same genuine freshness and faithfulness of manner–the old protecting manner which had made that house my home in a moment–said, “You have wrought changes in me, little woman, since the winter day in the stage-coach. First and last you have done me a world of good since that time.”

“That’s much,” he answered. “That’s everything. But I must not take that at a word. I will not write this something in my thoughts until you have quite resolved within yourself that nothing can change me as you know me. If you doubt that in the least degree, I will never write it. If you are sure of that, on good consideration, send Charley to me this night week–’for the letter.’ But if you are not quite certain, never send. Mind, I trust to your truth, in this thing as in everything. If you are not quite certain on that one point, never send!”

He shook my hand and said no more. Nor was any more said in reference to this conversation, either by him or me, through the whole week. When the appointed viagra united states night came, I said to Charley as soon as I was alone, “Go and knock at Mr. Jarndyce’s door, Charley, and say you have come from me–’for the letter.’” Charley went up the stairs, and down the stairs, and along the passages–the zig- zag way about the old-fashioned house seemed very long in my listening ears that night–and so came back, along the passages, and down the stairs, and up the stairs, and brought the letter. “Lay it on the table, Charley,” said I. So Charley laid it on the table and went to bed, and I sat looking at it without taking it up, thinking of many things.

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